43-year-old Michael Foster watched 62-year-old Daniels grab his handgun from his car and then slip it into a hip holster underneath his coat. As soon as Daniels walked into the store, Foster tackled him, shouting, “He’s got a gun!” Ignoring Daniels’ repeated yells of, “I have a permit!” Foster then put him into a chokehold. When sheriff’s deputies arrived on the scene, they confirmed that Daniels was indeed a concealed carry permit holder and Foster was arrested and charged with battery.

“Unfortunately, [Foster] tackled a guy that was a law-abiding citizen,” sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon said. “We understand it’s alarming for people to see other people with guns, but Florida has a large population of concealed weapons permit holders.”

“You better make sure there’s a good reason,” McKinnon said of taking matters into one’s own hands. “Otherwise you might be confronting a guy that is legally permitted to carry a gun.”

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