Let's see how well you know the movie Tombstone. Click next to begin.

When Doc first talks to Johny Ringo. He says "I am sure of it, I hate him." What was the first reason Doc gave for hating Johnny Ringo?

Who has "Two guns, one for each you" when told he was so drunk he was probably seeing double?

What kind of "contest" did Doc Holliday recommend Ike Clanton have instead of cards?

Who is the first of the Cowboys to try to intimidate Wyatt by saying that law doesn't go around here?

What was engraved on Wyatt Earps pistol?

According to Doc, what would Ringo want revenge for?

Finish the quote: 'Are you gonna do something, or just stand there and ______?'

When Doc Holiday is in his death bed, why does he say "I'll be damned, This is funny"

Who does Doc Holliday refer to as "no daisy, your no daisy at all"

What does Wyatt want to experience with Josephine Marcus, the actor/singer who he would later leave his wife for?

How much lung tissue had doc lost?

What or who was Curly Bill shooting at before he shot and killed Marshal Fred White?