Here are some beats I made with FruityLoops. I figure I can share them here and if someone likes one they can use it for what ever they like.     

      There is a list of people or companies that DO NOT have permision to use any of my beats.  For instance if Apple or Sony wanted to use it in a commercial, The answer would be no. Microsoft, Taylor Swift, Lars and many other production companies may not use them. I will compose a full list of people who can’t use them here… eventually….  Basically it is the type of greedy people and/or companies that would remove your cover song on YouTube.

From The Heart 3:05
Metalic Robot 1:42
Nintendo 2:14
Polka with a 12 gauge 3:17
Pretty Corny 2:54
Wheat Rainbows 3:27
ragtime 2:51
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